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Leonid Fedorov, Vladimir Volkov: Besonders (P) 2005 Ulitka Records U 006
© & (P) Ulitka Records 2005 U006

1. Загрузите RealOnePlayerMoya Ny (My Ny) (1.59Mb)
2. Sud (Trial)
3. Cherv'ak (The Worm)
4. Nemtsy (Germans)
5. Tuchi (Rainclouds)
6. Загрузите RealOnePlayerVer'te (Believe) (2.40Mb)
7. Sobaka Vera (Vera the Dog)
8. Orelhavaya Pesn'a (The Nut Song)
9. Syn (Son)

Poetry: Alexander Vvedensky
Music: Volkov-Fedorov,
except: Volkov-Fedorov-Martynov (1,6), Volkov (2), Fedorov (9), Fedorov-Fedorova (8)

V. Volkov - upright bass, sythesizer, viola da gamba, percussion, flutes, vocals
L. Fedorov - vocals, guitar, percussion, synthesizer
The OPUS POSTH ensemble, conducted by T. Grindenko (1, 6)
L. Fedorova - voice (8)
A. Agranovich - Father's voice (8)

We thank S. Solovyev and the "Emergency Exit" publishing house for the idea and the first step
A. Laskin for being instrumental in releasing the CD
D. Itskovich and A. Agranovich for friendship and advice
V. Erl for the discoveries and sweets

Design: Puchok, A. Molev, A. Menus; collage: A. Kolomoyskaya
Computer pagination: D. Dz'uba
Executive producers: O. Kovriga, L. Fedorova, A. Laskin

Presentation of the CD was held on 24 December 2005 at the CHA conert hall, Moscow, Russia


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