Left to right: Andrei Kotov, Leonid Fedorov, Sergey Starostin. "Proekt O.G.I." club, Moscow, 14th March, 2003. Photo (c) Sergey Ryzhkov


This project was originally initiated by Andrei Kotov, director of the Russian spiritual choir "Sirin", that had cooperated with Leonid Fedorov before, on tracks to be included into the "Fedorov Volkov Kurashov - Zimy Ne Budet" and "Anabena" albums. The idea behind the project was to bring together the three very spiritually close but yet formally different forces in the contemporary Russian music - Sergey Starostin, a performer of the authentic Russian folk music, who gained a worldwide reputation strong enough to be nominated for the last year's BBC World Music Award (see also the "XIX98", "Once There Was Sun" and "Under the Moon So Bright" albums on the "Volkovtrio"'s website), as well as Andrei Kotov, who specializes in the Russian spiritual music, and - Leonid Fedorov.
The Fedorov - Kotov - Starostin trio began regular rehearsals in August 2002. Same year, on the 24th November, the trio premiered at the "Dom" cultural centre in Moscow, with the "Pesni o Smerti (Songs of Death)" programme, which became an immediate success. This programme was composed of the Russian folk songs, spiritual and beggars' chants, as well as self-written pieces from the participants of the project, all linked closely or loosely with the theme of life, death and the life eternal.
As all the three musicians work very intensely on their own projects each, their cooperative act performs live quite infrequently. By June 2003, only four concerts have been played. According to what the musicians say, the work on their cooperation project and quest for its perfect realisation go on and are very far from being finished.

Photo Sergey Ryzhkov


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