Alexei Khvostenko

Below, you can find some information on a few solo works of the St. Petersburg - Paris artist and poet Alexei Khvostenko, also widely known as Khvost, in which Lenia actively participated and can be heard or which he at least he helped to get released. For Khvost's collaborations with AuktYon please check the AuktYon section of this site.

Paris Sessions

"Paris Sessions"
Alexei Khvostenko, 1990
(p) Sound-Product, 1996

Tape: CAR 002

Khvost - Gerasimov - AuktYon: Paris - St. Petersburg

"Khvost - Gerasimov - AuktYon:
Paris - St. Petersburg"
Khvost & Gerasimov, 1995
Khvost & AuktYon, 1992
(p) Otdelenie VYHOD, 1997


Night Lamps

"Night Lamps
(or Khvost as of Kuzma)"
Alexei Khvostenko, 1997
(p) Manchester Files, 1997
Tape: MAN 067

Experiment of extraneous creative process

"Experiment of extraneous
creative process"
(indoor home live 07.03.95,
bonus- "at the Mitkis" 26.02.95
available on CD only
Alexei Khvostenko, 1995
(p) Otdelenie VYHOD, 1998

2 CD: B 045/046
Cassettes: B 045 / 1, 2




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