"Polkovnik i Odnopolchane"
(Colonel & The Fellow Soldiers)

Founded in 1996 collaboration of well-known Russian rock musicians, formed around Alexei "Polkovnik (Colonel)" Khrynov (lead vocals, acoustic guitars). The project was joined by:
Dmitri Nekrasov - lead vocals, acoustic guitars
Andrei Vasiliev (DDT) - guitars, percussion
Sergei "Chizh (Siskin)" Chigrakov (Chizh & Co.) - guitars, acoustic bass, keyboards, marimba, drums, percussion, accordion, back vocals
Evgeni Barinov (Chizh & Co.) - drums, percussion, accordion
Leonid Fedorov (AuktYon) - acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, percussion, teapot, back vocals
Mikhail Kolovsky (AuktYon) - tuba
Between January and July, 1996, the band recorded at the Manchester Files label Pervy prizyv (The First Draft )CD album of 15 songs, written by Khrynov and Nekrasov and arranged by the Fellow Soldiers, and a single, which featured three songs from The First Draft (one of them - an airplay mix) plus one song not featured on the album. In November, 1996, the group performed as an opening act for AuktYon at DK Gorbunova, and played at the "Ne Bei Kopytom" club in Moscow.
In 1999, again at the Manchester Files, the band released its Voina i L'ubov' (War and Love) CD. Some of the tracks for the second album, and "Julietta", to which Lenia contributed a guitar part, among them, date back to The First Draft recording sessions.


Polkovnik i Odnopolchane - single
Manchester Files
Single MAN 001

Pervy prizyv

The First Draft
Manchester Files
CDMAN 008-96

Cassette tape: MAN 047

Voina i L'ubov'

War and Love
Manchester Files
CDMAN 019-99
Cassette tape: MAN 079


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