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In 1998, Lenia, together with Alexei Ananiev (who has been the sound engineer of his Lenia's Fourandahalfgrand solo album as well as all of the AuktYon recordings since "Zhilets vershin (Occupant of Tops)") worked as the recording engineer of the "Choro Vod" and "P.S." compositions for the "Much Better" album by a folk-jazz formation called "VolkovTrio": Vladimir Volkov - double-bass, Svyatoslav (Slava) Kurashov - guitar, Denis Sladkevich - drums, percussion. The album was released early in 1999 and also featured, among others, such prominent Russian jazzmen as Igor Butman (tenor saxophone), Arkady Shilkloper (french horn, flugelhorn, alphorn), Sergey Starostin (clarinet, cow horns, kalyuka).
After the recordings were completed, Lenia and VolkovTrio went on with the cooperation. V. Volkov and S. Kurashov took an active part in recording of AuktYon's "Zimy Ne Budet (No Winter to Come)" single as well as in its presentation at DK Gorbunova in Moscow, 23-24 September, 1999. Apart from this, starting from June 1999 Lenia and Volkovtrio, with a joint acoustic programme and every now and then joined by Sergey Starostin, began a series of club gigs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, which form November, 1999 become regular (pictures from these shows can be seen at the Photo section of this homepage). 26 November, 1999, Lenia and VolkovTrio were the invitees to Dmitry Dibrov's Anthropology TV show at the Russian NTV channel.
In the winter and spring of 2000 Lenia and VolkovTrio continued their run of numeruos joint club gigs. In May 2000 the result of their two-year-long work in the studio, the "Fedorov Volkov Kurashov: Zimy ne Budet (No Winter to Come)" album was released on CD.On 25 June, 2000 Lenia, in the capacity of a special guest, took part in the live presentation of the newest VolkovTrio album "Bylo Solntse (Once There Was Sun)".
In Ocrober, 2000, after the summer break, Lenia Fedorov and VolkovTrio resumed their joint live activity on the club scene.

Volkovtrio. Much Better

"Much Better"
& (p) Greenwave Records, 1998


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