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RusTV video about Leonid Fedorov's concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 8.5.2003 (ACX, 28 min 30 sec)

"Zhi Dogolonoga"

(1,95 mB)
directed by A. Molev

"Zimy ne budet"

(2,8 mB)
directed by D. Frolov,
edited by A. Ananyev
Lenia, supervising filming of "Chto Nibud' Takoe" video (directed by D. Frolov, edited by A. Ananyev), St. Petersburg, May 2000


(3,24 mB)
directed by D. Frolov,
edited by A. Ananyev
The video material below can be viewed with the Windows Media Player version 7.0 and later. Ordinarily, it is an integral part of Microsoft Windows 98. In case you have an earlier version, please download your new Windows Media Player here:


Both of the professional video footages of Lenia's performances are credited to AuktYon; at the same time, both are acoustic live gigs delivered by Lenia being joined by some (not all!!!) of the band members (Oleg Garkusha, Pasha Litvinov, etc.).

U_MitkovAuktYon at the Mitki's (Live at the Mitki's headquarters, 28 September, 1994)

(c) 1997, AuktYon/Mitki/Positiv TV, (p)1997, Double Video

Total time: 55 min

Video1AuktYon without Sax (Live at Fontanka, 24 November, 1997)

(c) 1997, Leonid Fedorov, (c) 1997, RockOut Video, (p) 1997, Manchester Files

"All the fans of AuktYon, and of Leonid Fedorov personally, have made it to the video of their favourites. The film is very interesting, it actally is an acoustic concert, so acoustic that the only instruments employed are guitar and very peculiar and heavy percussion, which are occasionally joined by trumpet.

The majority of songs performed are taken from 'Fourandahalfgrand', Leonid Fedorov's solo CD. Apart of these you can also find here wonderful compositions of AuktYon, including 'Sucks', Oleg Garkusha's cameo. I must admit, that for quite a while I have not come across a video concert so remarkably lively and bright. All the numbers are performed really cool. Fedorov gracefully forgets the lyrics of "Elephant" and occasionally bursts out with merry laughter. Many of the songs end up with the lights going out, which brings some kind of mystical air to the event. To put it short, the concert is a success. All of you dedicated fans, don't pass this tape by without buying it. And you other people too. K.S."

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